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"I'm Lost" - Song Inspired by Actual Events

Two weeks ago in Aruba, five tourists were swept out to sea in a raft. 24 hours later, after having drifted miles away from the island’s coastline, these accidental castaways were miraculously found by the Aruban and Dutch search and rescue teams.

There was such a strong collective outpouring of emotion - first of fear and loss, and then finally of salvation - as we on the island followed this breaking news.

In honor of these events, I composed a brand new original song and recorded a live music video for the new song, which I titled “I’m Lost.”

This video was filmed live on Malmok Beach in Aruba. It was raining, and then miraculously, the rain ceased and the rainbow appeared right on the horizon where we were filming. It’s almost as if Mother Nature was giving us all another Thanksgiving blessing.

Here is the song in its entirety:

Here are the official lyrics:

Ocean surrounds me

As far as the eye can see

Days and nights are long

But I'm trying to be strong

Where the wind blows, I go

How it'll end I don't know

Thinking of my loved ones that I'll never see again

I think this is the end

Cuz I'm Lost

Out in the deep sea

I'm Lost

Nobody's gonna find me

Am I gonna cry

Am I gonna die

Am I gonna say goodbye

Lord Please, Help Me

We are only here for a moment in time

So live your life, I wish I'd lived mine

And when it's time to go

Hope for peace and not for sorrow

But I'm Lost

Out in the deep sea

I'm Lost

Nobody's gonna find me

I am gonna cry

I am gonna die

Say goodbye

Lord Please, Help Me

Lord Please, Help Me

Lord Please, Help Me

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