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Phenomenal Live Broadcast Today from the Ransom Center (@ransomcenter)

When I was a student at The University of Texas at Austin, I volunteered at the on-campus museum which has become the Harry Ransom Center ( During COVID, I have been watching their recurring live programs, the recordings of which can also be found on their Youtube channel (

Today's broadcast was exceptional, highlighting UT English Professor and Author Edward Carey, a world-renowned expert on The Adventures of Pinocchio, the classic novel published in 1883 by Italian Carlo Collodi. The webcast not only delved into our favorite Pinocchio stories, but also what might be the world's foremost literary Victorian hair collection still in existence, residing at the Ransom Center right here in Austin, Texas (#austin #UTaustin)!

I applaud Professor Carey for a thoroughly entertaining journey into fairy tales, a class he teaches to his Longhorn Masters students. His Zoom background setup may be the best I have seen in the entire year of the pandemic.

Don't miss this broadcast (fast forward to 10 minutes in for the beginning):

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