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The Halloween Song 2021

Earlier this month and in honor of Halloween, I released "The Halloween Song 2021," which can be found here on the Social Musings by Austin SoundCloud account:

Here are the official lyrics to this new original song:

I’ve got my lantern, Jack

Got my Twix and my KitKat

MJ Thriller on Video

It’s All Hallow’s Eve, Let’s Go

Get ready for the groans, creaks, moans and screams

Horror movies and trick or treat

Drop that TikTok

Rock that crop top

Party on 6th Street

Never know just who you’ll meet

Could be ghosts, ghouls, goblins or goons

Drinking witches brew under the harvest moon

Now you’re on the Gram

Sending shit to the fam

Wearing that skeleton mask

Looking something like the monster mash


Lets Have some fun


This Year’s The One



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LOVE the lyrics. Please explain why everyone loves Twix?????

Austin Rosenthal
Austin Rosenthal
Oct 31, 2021
Replying to

You have caramel and cookie and chocolate! YUMMY

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