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The Story of My 9/11 - Episodes Five and Six (Season Finale)

This is my recollection of the events of September 11, 2001, when I lived in New York City and watched the terrorist attack unfold. I cried extensively as I wrote this 6-part mini docu-series, as I have never told the full story to anyone.

To catch up on all the Episodes, check the Social Musings by Austin YouTube Channel here:


Location: JPMorgan Chase World Headquarters, 270 Park Avenue

Distance from World Trade Center: 3.8 miles

It must have been the same for the others as well, because after the first tower fell, the managers told everyone to evacuate the building and go home immediately.

Amazingly, the evacuation was relatively orderly. The staircases were full and strangely quiet. There was nothing to say to each other; we all had blank, horrified looks on our faces. None of us truly knew the carnage that was happening to our friends, colleagues and neighbors at this time.

I think our minds were on self-preservation and our loved ones.

I stepped out onto Park Avenue and 48th Street and noticed the streets were packed with workers headed home. I don’t remember a sense of panic amongst the crowd, but I do vaguely remember sirens.

As I turned the corner to head south on Lexington Avenue, I vividly remember looking up at the beautiful sunny September sky. It was bright blue; perfect in every way.

Only the thick trail of black smoke in the jetstream from downtown Manhattan brought me back to the horrifying reality in which we New Yorkers were in the midst.

To Watch and Listen to Episode 5, see below.



Location: My girlfriend’s apartment at 40th street and 2nd avenue

Distance from World Trade Center: 3.7 miles

The Season Finale (Episode 6) is a must-listen.

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