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The Story of My 9/11 - Episodes Three and Four

This is my recollection of the events of September 11, 2001, when I lived in New York City and watched the terrorist attack unfold. I cried extensively as I wrote this 6-part mini docu-series, as I have never told the full story to anyone.

If you missed Episodes One and Two - you can find them on my YouTube Channel here:


Location: JPMorgan Chase World Headquarters, 270 Park Avenue

Distance from World Trade Center: 3.8 miles

As I stepped out of the elevator and turned the corner to head to my desk, I looked southward towards downtown and saw not one but two familiar buildings burning in the distance.

Let me explain the view we had of the tragedy unfolding before our eyes.

The top floors of JPMorgan Chase’s headquarters were blessed with unobstructed southerly views of Manhattan all the way to the World Trade Center and the Statue of Liberty beyond. As I noted before, it was a beautiful sunny day, perhaps with a slight touch of haze, but I could see with my own two eyes with crystal clarity what you may have been watching that very moment on television.

Since I had not verbally interacted with a soul or seen a screen (please recall that in 2001, smartphones were not widely available) since entering the locker room at Equinox, I literally had no idea what was happening.

I couldn’t move. My mouth was open. I was staring out the window at a surreal scene I never want to relive again.

My colleagues briefed me that there had been a second plane strike, and this was now believed to be a terrorist attack.

Not one of us was thinking about working, and strangely I wasn’t afraid at the moment; in fact, a dozen of us decided to climb the stairwell to get a better view from the 50th floor.

For the rest of the Episode, listen below.


Location: JPMorgan Chase World Headquarters, 270 Park Avenue

Distance from World Trade Center: 3.8 miles

I will never forget the moment as I watched the South tower fall with my own bird’s eye view not even four miles away; the image will be with me for the rest of my life.

Watch and listen below for the rest of Episode Four.

The Series Finale will be released on Saturday, September 11th.

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