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The Story of The Denim Jacket: Social Musings by Austin Podcast (new edition)

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

The Story of the Denim Jacket is a deeply personal true story about bullying, mental health and resilience.

If you haven’t read the story yet, I strongly recommend you do so. Link is here.

Since The Story of the Denim Jacket was the most read story on the Social Musings by Austin website in 2021, I decided to add additional details to the story and to perform it myself.

I hope you find this adds to the experience.

Here is an excerpt from the new podcast version:

I felt like an inadequate outsider, and due to the perfectionist expectations of my family, myself and society at large, I developed an inferiority complex that would serve as the internal motivation not only for a financially successful career but also as an unintended side effect - a vast emotional void - that I tried to fill with career accomplishments and a glamorous lifestyle.

My vision for the Social Musings by Austin brand is to entertain, inspire and help you, and I hope that my stories motivate you to evaluate your life and career and make any necessary changes that you feel would be beneficial for your own happiness.

This episode of Social Musings by Austin also includes a new remix of my original song, "Austin From Austin," and features local Austin, Texas-based rapper and recording artist S.DoT VanGho, who is also Founder and CEO of the Artistic Hustlers fashion brand.

Here is the link to the Apple Podcast.

If you are looking for extra visuals on top of the audio, please watch the podcast on the Social Musings by Austin YouTube Channel below.

Stay tuned to the website for later this month when I drop a brand new installment of my Interviews with Dead People series in honor of President's Day.


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