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Libro De Biologia Claude Villee Pdf 42




Category:Biologists Category:French biologists Category:French science writers Category:1937 births Category:Living peopleInvolvement of the VPS34 and VPS15 protein kinase pathways in the regulation of intracellular cholesterol homeostasis. Studies have shown that the expression of VPS34 and VPS15 is associated with the initiation and development of a variety of tumors. To investigate the physiological function of the VPS34 and VPS15 protein kinase pathway, we used adenoviral vector-mediated gene transfer to establish stably transformed CHO cells overexpressing the human VPS34 protein. We found that upregulation of VPS34 caused a marked increase in the overall transfer of the sterol-derived methyl-BrAC-Glucoside from the endocytic pathway to the lysosomes, without affecting the transfer of native sterols from the plasma membrane to the lysosomes. On the other hand, upregulation of VPS15 by gene transfer caused a dramatic reduction in the cholesterol flux to the lysosomes. These results indicate that the VPS34 and VPS15 proteins function to regulate cholesterol homeostasis by controlling sterol trafficking from different intracellular compartments, suggesting that disruption of these pathways could be one of the mechanisms by which cancer cells maintain their abnormal membrane morphology.Influence of prior formal education on the probability of first sex and on the tendency to use contraception: results from the Spanish Health Survey. This study examined the association between the educational level of the participants and the probability of first sex and the probability of using contraceptives. Data were obtained from the 2004 Spanish National Health Survey. The total sample consisted of 60,347 women aged 15 to 49 years who had a complete birth history and an active sex life. Logistic regression was used to study the association between sex and education (the outcome variable) and other variables (independent variables). First sex was most likely to occur between the ages of 20 and 24 years (54%), in women with a college degree (66%) and in women living with a partner (73%). After controlling for age and other factors, the likelihood of first sex decreased with the number of years of formal education, with women obtaining college degrees being most likely to have first sex. Women with less than a high school education were also less likely to be sexually experienced. The use of contraceptives was influenced by the age at which sexual intercourse occurred, with the probability of contraceptive use increasing with age up to




Libro De Biologia Claude Villee Pdf 42

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