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Ranking the Wolfgang Puck Food Options at the Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix

As we all get ready for our Thanksgiving feasts, I would be remiss not to review the food options from last week’s inaugural Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix.

Sure, there have been tons of articles about the track, the race and the inconveniences to Vegas locals.

However, I am focusing on what I really care about - the grub!

For this race, Formula 1 tried a novel idea to somewhat justify their outrageous ticket prices for the Vegas event - offering free food, soft drinks (Coke products) and water (Liquid Death products) to most grandstand ticket holders, including myself.

Here is the information from the Formula 1 website about the food offering:

Guests can expect a mouthwatering selection of globally inspired cuisine this November! Wolfgang Puck Catering, in collaboration with Food Fleet, will provide a curated all-inclusive culinary experience for grandstand and general admission ticket holders, including some signature favorites.
The best part? Indulge in as much as you like. Food is included with every FORMULA 1 HEINEKEN SILVER LAS VEGAS GRAND PRIX general admission and grandstand ticket.*
*Guests in The Mirage Zone, MGM Zone, The Venetian Zone, Hilton Grand Vacations Zone, Club Paris and Club SI will have a different culinary experience provided by the property/venue.

While the racegrounds were open and like any legendary Vegas buffet, fans could wait in one large (but fast-moving) food line and then sample nibbles provided by Wolfgang Puck in food hall fashion.

In fact, I grabbed as many different victuals from the various food stalls as I could carry with two hands.

Here is the menu that was available to race fans in the T Mobile Zone at Sphere section.

Ranked by order of preference, here are my reviews of the diverse food options:

1. Wild Cinnamon & Sugar Cider Donuts 

I usually prefer savory to sweet, but these large single donuts were drizzled with copious amounts of caramel sauce and boasted the longest line of any stand as the night went on.

2. BBQ jackfruit tater tots (Vegan Option)

I have never met a tater tot that I didn't like, and these were covered with Pickled Onions, Green Onions and Cheddar Made without Gluten (which could be omitted for vegans).

Until someone told me I was eating jackfruit, I assumed the tots were topped with deliciously tender pulled pork.

Coupled with the fact that I could tell myself I was eating healthy, this was my top savory snack.

My only gripe would be that the potatoes needed to be a bit warmer and crispier.

3. Torro Birria Tacos

The line was really long for this item, so I had to go back in the middle of the race for these.

The "Tacos" were actually one tostado style open-faced taco over tortilla chips, so I would more accurately call them nachos than tacos.

The meat was stewed in Oaxacan Spices and served with Tomatillo & Avocado Salsa Made without Gluten.

Please note that the spice level on this dish was very high - for me as a Texan, they were perfect, but it was too overpowering for a few of the British guests I accompanied to the Grand Prix.

4. Hot dog

I devoured two of these full-size, all-beef hot dogs. I mean its a sporting event, right?

While these came with separate containers of both apricot and hot mustard, I didn't have room in my hands for the condiments and as a result, the bun was very dry.

Next year, please give me a chili cheese dog with chopped onions and let me drip the delicousness all over my Max Verstappen Red Bull Racing orange jersey.

5. Short rib grilled cheese 

I had high hopes for this dish especially when I read it came with caramelized onions and horseradish aioli, yet every one I tried (and I had four half-sized sandwiches) was cold.

Furthermore, I could not taste any horseradish aoili AT ALL.

6.  Shake Ramen 

I was really excited for this, especially because it came in a container with a top on it that could be used as a tray for the rest of the food options.

The noodles with Yuzo Koshu were cooked to perfection, but the dish had no flavor and no liquid. Can you really call it ramen when there is no delicous broth that would have warmed up the crowd who was shivering in the 50 degree cold?

Seriously, this was a BIG MISS.

Here are the options I didn’t get to sample, but I did at least see.

1. Chicken and waffles

This was a BIG MISS on my part. What was I thinking by not eating this? To be honest, I was so full after eating everything I reviewed that I could not put one more morsel of food into my mouth.

Thankfully, my friends all got these and you can see from my picture above that the dish provided large chicken tenders and perfectly cooked waffles served with a Spicy Maple Cider Syrup.

Everyone seemed to love these, so do not make the same mistake I did when you attend next year!!!

2. S'Mores Churros

I love s'mores so I am upset with myself at not sampling these, which were accompanied by Graham Cracker, Toasted Marshmallow and a Chocolate Drizzle.

3. Chinois chicken salad

This was probably a delicious option, but I am not evolved enough to eat salad at a major sporting event. Sorry.

4. Fried PB&J

Inspired no doubt by everything fried at the State Fair of Texas, these were also a popular item and topped with powdered sugar.

You can read more of my Formula 1 articles on the Social Musings by Austin website - here is a review of the Australian Grand Prix and here is the story about walking pit lane at the US Grand Prix in Austin.

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